Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Cramped up

I keep having to drill it into my head "You can drop the mileage, nothing to add, drop the mileage" but still my large mileage weeks keep calling me to be repeated. Take this evening, I could have quite easily put my feet up and rested, after all by quadriceps were very tight and every attempt to loosen them was met with resistance.

The fidgeting started at about 6.55 pm and I was seen casually walking around the house looking for a clean pair of running shorts.....oh well, the Union Flags will have to have an airing along with my TP100 Finishers shirt; "Sod It Why Not" I decided to be a show pony. The rational side of my brain called to remind me that I can drop the mileage so decided to drive to the Club, jump into a slower paced group, shut up, and enjoy the run.....and I did along with a large mixed group of abilities.

Then I stopped
Bidding my farewells I got home and raced off to the supermarket for a couple of ciders to then come to a grinding halt in agony as my quadricep cramped up.....ooohh that made my eyes water and must have been quite a picture leaning up against the salty snacks counter stretching it out.

Not really sure what to say, I hardly ever have cramp and certainly never in the quads. Was I right to have run tonight or should I have stayed at home? Yes and No in no particular order

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  1. Ouch! I have never had a quad cramp. Hamstring - once a long time ago, calves - many times and now I know how to stop them before they kill me but quad?
    Hope you don't feel any pain now. After my cramps I can feel pain for a couple of days after.