Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Democracy and Mud

The drudgery of the day dragged along, time stood still way too many times as I tapped away on IT work packages, deliverables and the odd bit of coding. Ever so often I would glance out of the window, the southern sky, blue, the northern quickly turning dark grey...then hail and rain!

The day went on and I was reminded that my running club had an AGM that night and we were to start earlier so that we could all go down to a church hall and have the obligatory meeting. 

Here was my dilemma 5-6 miles on a wet pavement followed by 80 minutes in a stuffy hall or to go to my sister club for a 7-8 mile trail run in the freshly set mud....the latter got my vote.

Mud Glorious Mud
I had a catch up with the usual suspects and was almost talked into going with one of the faster groups by George but stuck to my guns to run with the long, slow group as I just wanted my legs to feel right....Taper is in my vocabulary these days. We were off....a lovely sedate pace, almost at my preferred pace for the initial GUCR miles and I liked it from beginning to end. There is something lovely about running at dusk after a rainy period as the sun is low yielding warm colours whilst showing peaches and cream sunsets with lavendar clouds

I was very aware that the speed was a little slower than my legs wanted but it was good to get the discipline back on, pulling on the handbrake however the last mile saw me sprint off with one of the group for a friendly, non-competitive tussle home yielding at the road crossing to jog in, muddy, wet and most of all uplifted and happy.

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  1. Awesome run! I would have voted for the mud as well. Can't compare with an AGM in a stuffy hall.