Friday, 11 May 2012


I reported earlier this week that I had a problem with my quadricep cramping up a problem that has been sitting dormant for a little while if I am totally truthful but these niggles often go as quickly as they appear. However, I was at work on Wednesday and ever so often I would feel a twinge and my left quad would throb almost to the point when I thought it would cramp again. I was seen stretching it out and taking Ipubrofen to try and relax it, this worked for a little while but it would return later.

On Wednesday night I placed a heat pad on the main area of pain which did relieve it but by Thursday morning it was back to its old self again. I have therefore made a call to Mike who has been good enough to set aside some time on Friday to do his magic...methinks the marathon is off on Saturday but I want to see how my leg is as there is always the opportunity to just do a shorter distance.

The most important thing is to get my quadricep back to scratch before GUCR


  1. Sorry to read this. I hope it sorts out quick and easy.