Monday, 28 May 2012

The Gathering

What a run, the route, the heat all came secondary when it was discovered that there was a gathering of some special runners from my world, George, Duncan and Michael.

Michael lives on the other side of town and recovering from some nasty viral infection so today was a special one for all of us to see him back on the trail. The temperature today was in the mid-20's, way to hot for a Brit like me but Duncan, George and I had planned to meet at the woods about equi-distant from all of us at 5.00pm and the we would take a gentle punt to "The bench at the top of the hill", a landmark near Michael's house at about 5.45pm.

Each of us had 1 litre of fluid on us, much more than we are used to on such a "short" run but we were planning to use church taps and friendly home owners if need be. Like clockwork we met at the allotted times and drifted off on a hot and sticky run around some of our favourite paths, laughing and joking. We were not that interested in pace, the important thing was to get through in one piece and to enjoy each others company.

The run saw us grumbling about the heat, squealing like little girls as we ran through alleyways wall to wall with stinging nettles, I went into "The Zone" a few times was forced to come out of it when George thundered down behind me and made conversation, I have a feeling he knows when I go into one of them as I tend to pace off! Is it that obvious :-)

At about 13 miles we dispersed off to our various homes and I realised that I was running out of water but used the excuse to drop into my other friend Mike's house for a water refill and to discuss some future plans. His later Facebook entry stated:

"Very sweaty Jeremy Smallwood just appeared on the doorstep! "could I have some water please". Bloody cheek...." 


As usual, great run, great to rest.


  1. Sounds really awesome! My trail training is currently all solo.

  2. It does sound great - agree with Johann, it must be so nice to have friends to run with :)