Thursday, 24 May 2012

Get your priorities right

I simply wrote on the GUCR Facebook page:

"To more important matters....
Hands up who is going to meet up at O'Neill's Broad Street j/w Granville Street after registration on Friday for a pie and a pint?" 

Within minutes enquiries were being made about what time and whether people were travelling up from London on the train. I smiled with delight and confirmed why I love the band of ultrarunners that do these events. It is so obvious that the GUCR is not just about a run from Birmingham to London  but the WHOLE weekend from the registration, the evening meet up described above, the morning traditions of the walk to the start, speeches, the run and for some the finish others horrific journey in Andrew's van to the end.

I looked at my training plan this evening and was aghast to note that I only have 2 training runs left! I plan to pop out to the track on Thursday for a few laps and then a gentle run on Sunday to REST easy until the party starts next Friday.


  1. My type of event and my type of people. Maybe one year I can join you there as well.