Monday, 21 May 2012

A gob-smacking fact

I was reading the Grand Union Canal Run pages on Facebook tonight and one of my fellow runners (Brian New) wrote this:

"Listening on the radio tonight they were saying that there is a real risk of "overcrowding" on Everest - 150 people climbed it this weekend alone. Apparently there are now over 3,250 people who have climbed to the top of Everest. That means that more people have climbed Everest than have completed the GUCR. Just remember that people - we're still a select club :)

Also there are over 200 dead bodies of climbers on the mountain as they are often left where they die - Dick hasn't had to make that call just yet :)"

 I have kept reading this tonight and am still amazed by this wonderful fact, not about the dead bodies but the fact that less people have finished this event that climbed Everest. To read this fact has now motivated me beyond belief.... Thanks Brian.


  1. Have you seen the news? Several people just died on Everest. This is a very difficult season because of dry winter, there is not enough snow and there are dangerous rock slides. Some expeditions decided to fogo the summit attempt.

    :))) do you think you could get rid of word verification thing? Blogger is pretty good about filtering spam and their new security system is driving some people (like me) NUTS :))))

    1. Your wish is my command Ewa, I will see how it goes :-)