Thursday, 3 May 2012

GUCR Number Arrives

After a long day at work and an extended day teaching at College I arrived home tired to see a big brown envelope on the side table labelled

Jerry Smallwood (299)

This could only mean one thing....a race number and the only race awaiting me is the Grand Union Canal Run. Indeed it was and now, and only now, have I started to get a little excited about the adventure. One year on after failing to complete it and the words from my ultrarunning pal, Sarah, a veteran of the race whispering in my ear.

"...The GUCR gets under your skin. Great race, great people. Good people too...."

Indeed, Sarah is correct, now I am ready to take it on properly having completed the TP100 this year as part of the preparation for this I am beginning to understand.


  1. Hi Jerry
    Hope your training has gone well. I am also looking forward to the GUCR and am hoping to beat my time of 41 hours last year. I also feel better prepared this time around as last year i only got a place 5 weeks before the race. I am convinced the race is more mind over matter, you just have to be determined and stubborn whilst trying not to give in to the pain which i know is sometimes easier said than done. See you there.
    John Cooper 259

    1. Thanks for getting in touch John, I agree that it is more about the mind and hopefully my recent adventures will have got me in the right mindset. See you at the start line