Friday, 11 May 2012

I am back down from the ceiling!

WOW what a visit I have just had at Mike's place today who went about the business of sorting out my legs with a vengeance. If I didn't know him so well I am sure comments like "I hope you are not running tomorrow Jerry as I am going to go in quite deep" said to a lone male whilst bent double on a couch could be construed very wrong!

Ten minutes prior
I went to Mike's straight from work and walked to his house from the station, a down hill route which saw me tripping and stumbling down the road going "ooohhh" and "aarrrghh" over every lumpy bump in the pavement I felt I was falling apart, it just seems that since the taper takes hold the worse things had become.

Back in the room
Shorts on I was on the couch and my legs were being prodded, pulled and yanked, I think the most painful part of the ordeal was having ( I think) an elbow running up my hamstrings....I was told to breathe, not easy through gritted teeth and closed eyes. IT Bands next, which were squeezed, pressed and pulled such as my eyes were left watering.

The end
Mike mentioned that I was going to have new legs by the end and he was so right. They were still tender at the end, not in a bad way, but definitely loosened up, flexible and strangely tingling. It feels like Mike has poured WD40 lubricant over a seized up rusty bolt and things have released taken pressure off my stressed old bones and joints.

Leaving his house I went for a walk through the woods along my usual running route and was amazed to find my legs were swinging free, I was somehow more flexible in the hip area a lovely feeling.

Tomorrow (Saturday)
Definitely no Orpington marathon tomorrow which is a little disappointing as I was looking forward to running with George but not the end of the world. I have now taken some Ipubrofen to help with the swelling and my uncomfortable hamstrings, raised my legs up and hoping that a couple of cold ciders will assist the healing process

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