Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Mind says "YES"

...the body says "NO!"

That was what it was on Tuesday evening before the club, I was desperate to get out in the fresh air after a draining day in the office and went off with the idea in my mind that I would take it gently for the evening and was surprised that I had a spark in the old legs and took a nice pace to the club with my neighbour Rob.

I then decided to go with one of the faster groups and the warm up to the club found me happy to keep the pace near the front and to take on the hills when I needed....I was feeling good...a nice, even, steady pace, that is until I got back to the clubhouse and 10 miles into the evening.

After a short stop to chat with the others I chose to run off and to take the path through the woods but between the short stop, 100 metres to the woods and 50 metres into them I felt my legs just give up the ghost to find myself stumbling along around the puddles and jumping over patches of mud....THUMP. GGrrr I stumped my foot against a fence peg to feel my smaller toes bend under my foot which led me to walk the short distance out. I ran the rest of the way but it felt like I was running through treacle and was happy when it had finished but found two very reddened toes which are now slightly swollen.

As for today, I have been walking around at work as though I had just returned from a 50 miler, my legs are tired, stiff and maybe time to get them seen too.


  1. Mmm, I've been feeling guilty. I ran off at the end taking a slightly different route, got into my car and halfway home wondered if you might have wanted a lift. I considered pulling over to phone ypu on your mobile but didn't. Now I really feel bad, sorry Jerry! I should have listened to my gut!

  2. Don't be silly Duncan, I would have been hinting throughout the run if I wanted one :-)
    The other thing is I always feel as though I have "cheated" myself if I scrounge a lift on Tuesdays...anyway it was probably total lunacy attempting the woods in the condition they were in, nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say

  3. You were right to try for the woods - I wimped out hence the car...