Thursday, 3 May 2012

Nearly a No Vote

This is a tale of bureaucrats officialdom and the threat of a voting paper being stuck up said person's backside.

I have had the strangest of days today  where I found myself all alone in an enormous office which was once a call centre once thriving until 50 people were made redundant recently. My job today was to build two buttons that made two big computer programs work in the right order and be seen only if I allowed you...basically creativity time and for 4 hours I spoke to no-one, had a conference call and then spoke to no-one for another 4, even the visit to the supermarket for my sandwich was a oneway chat with an automatic scanning till.

Even when I got home my girls were revising not wanting to be disturbed so there was only one thing to do and that was to vote at the local elections. Tradition dictates that I go for a run and pop into the polling station on the way around.

Turning up at the polling station I got into line to get my swathe of voting papers and to listen to the instructions provided by the clerk on how to insert a ballot paper into a small hole. I had to wait about 5 minutes and I was sweating profusely and reached the head of the queue:

"Here are your three papers Sir, please keep them the right way up and place them into the ballot bow with the bar code first...."

I nodded, took the papers

"...Oh, and Sir, please don't drip sweat over the booth please!"

AAAHHHHHH, I could have lamped him and nearly created a new ballot box by inserting the papers into his hole. 

Apart from that, a nice run out tonight, legs still a little tight which seemed to loosen as the run went on which was quite pleasant as I had the option to go off road. At one point I stopped, leaned on a gate post and enjoyed the view over the I did a squirrel jumped from a tree and sat at the other end of the gate watching me probably thinking "Don't sweat on my gate please!"

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  1. Unfortunately "Nobody" is not on the ballot in our elections. :( I think I will mail in my vote this year hoping nobody will be instructing me how to use a mailbox.