Sunday, 20 May 2012

Not a snails pace

Roman snail (Helix pomatia)
As I am in full taper mode I was desperate for a run today one which was all quality and no quantity, The Delightful Mrs S was almost pushing me out of the door as she was desperate for me to find the "Lost Car Key".

I advertised that I wanted to go for a run at about 3.30pm on Facebook and was answered by Duncan and soon after we were seen zooming off to run the same route as last week stopping off ever so often to a likely patch of grass or leaves. I was very mindful of remaining fit and injury free but soon realised that our pace was picking up...and up...and up such that we made a big point of pulling off to a jog. As we ran up Hill 27 Duncan called me back pointing at something on the ground....was it the car key?....."You nearly trod on that" and looking down found he was pointing at a lethargic Adder more scared of us than we of it but it soon slipped away into the short grass...I looked over the small field and ventured the thought of how many adders we step past when we cross country run, I soon threw the thought from my mind.

Rising up hill 27 we went across a chalky area of land to jump over a couple of gates and looking down (for my key) I was then amazed to see an enormous Roman snail (Helix pomatia), a quite rare sight in these parts although they do reside in Kent, curious as I am I picked it up to see what it looked like and have since read "Do not pick them up they are a protected species!"

Keys forgotten for now
We were well and truly warmed up now and we were soon speeding off and I was amazed to find that on a one mile section we were running 6:10 minute miles along a wide valley path, we were on fire and I really wanted to carry on but GUCR is always in the front of my mind we went down a few gears...we were certainly not snails today

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