Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Old and New

It's Tuesday, the temperature is "soaring" in Deepest Darkest Kent which after recent months feels like we are in the tropics....The conundrum:
  1. I want to run, not too far
  2. I want to get some good quality exercise
  3. I want to go to the club but I also want to try out my bike
So why not combine the two options:
  1. Cycle
  2. Run
So that is what I did, I donned my running kit (Yes, I wore my Skins even in the heat)  grabbed my bike from the garage and cycled to the club via my normal running route. Now remember Dear Reader the last time I really cycled was about 8 years ago when I bought it...cheaply. It was quite fun apart from the burning in my thighs and the sore arse but I got there after nearly falling off about 3 times because of the roots and mud.

I arrived in a sweaty heap trying to look cool but failing desperately, then the other cyle/runners turned up bedecked in  helmets, cycling lycra, VERY expensive bikes, most with disc brakes and these really crazy "clippy in" foot pedal things....boy was I out of date. I then realised that my bike weighed about twice theirs much to their hilarity I cared not a jot, I love my old bike dusty as it is but not so much that it will replace my running too soon


  1. I love biking but not as nearly as running. It is great for those times when running injuries make me too miserable to run.
    BTW, I tried to find you on FB but couldn't. If you want, send me a friend invite. The link is on the sidebar of my blog.

  2. I have an old bike (1984) and in its day it was a top bike. Now people look at me funny when I say the bike is still fine.

  3. LOL - Your bike cannot be that old. (My bike still has the London to Brighton Bike ride sticker on it from 1995).