Monday, 14 May 2012

The Olympic Games and transport

I am so honoured to be part of the Olympics as a Games Maker volunteer, I have however been a little worried about how to get to and from the events very late at night realising the train journey would take some considerable time as there would be so many people coming and going.

This evening I was seen rummaging in the garage , heaving boxes and swearing loudly as things fell around me to finally extract my very old moutain bike along with the stirrup pump. A quick polish, a tweak with a spanner and a squirt of oil and it was as good as new, I was even seen wobbling down the road to see if I still had it in me....and the brakes worked!

I love this old bike as it was purchased with my first pay cheque when I started to teach at a local college and was offset against travel expenditure for the contract and so it is fitting that I use it again to save on some time and most of all money. Just got to get a good padlock and find the lights which I believe are in my running bag somewhere.

On a added bonus it will be a great bit of cross training as I plan to get out on it this week to ease my legs.

If you would like to find out more about the Olympics Games Makers, click on this link


  1. It is really great that you can be part of the Olympics. I would have done something like that too. I need to get my old bike out someday. Won't be very soon though.

    1. I have made the first step...get it out. Now I have to get it out a second time and actually use it, that may prove a little more difficult!