Sunday, 6 May 2012

One of my more stranger runs

Tiredness has been my biggest enemiy of late and this morning I awoke to the alarm, switched it off and rolled over, somehow my heart wasn't in it, I happily slept solidly for 4 more hours. I awoke energised and ready for the day.

Tell tale signs
I went about my chores with a new vigour, cleared the garden of rubbish, went to the dump and was even seen looking at new lawnmowers on the interweb thingy, the Delightful Mrs S was pleased! It was obvious that she was seeing the tell tale signs of me fidgeting and getting restless "Get your kit you need to go for your run" I heard exclaim, an opportunity not to be missed.

Missiles and Meridians
The Delicious Mrs S often jokes to friends and family that "We often dump him out of the car in strange places but sadly he always seems to find his way back, he's like a pigeon" and this is what happened today. My daughter had gone to a friends and wanted to be picked up and so I suggested that Mrs S drop me off and I run home via a convoluted route. My mission to see the Rapier missile site on Blackheath placed there to protect the Olympic and City assets in the coming months.

So pacing along the road at what my good friend Rob calls an "Ultra-shuffle" I made my way along the route of the epic London to Brighton Route to reach "Red Start" of the London marathon, arriving on the heath  my RADAR went on full sweep as it is not easy to locate a set of camouflaged guided missiles easily but was able to spot them in the distance after a little while. There is only a certain amount of times you can see a guided missile system target and drop so I moved off, a route in mind but whislt I was there I thought I would have a run in Greenwich Park, see the sights and jog off.

As I took the sharp climb up to the Royal Observatory I couldn't help but take a "foot shot" of me on the Prime Meridian something I always feel drawn to do. So once the ritual was complete I traipsed off home along well trodden paths noting any problems that I had with my legs:
  1. Tight quads
  2. IT Bands grumbling
All within limits but needing attention either in the form of stretching or resting as I may be running a marathon + plus next weekend. We will see


  1. Great post as always :)

    Are you doing a race next weekend? Or is it just a long run you're planning?

  2. Hi Naomi, yes I am, I have just put the credit card back in its wallet and have entered the Orpington Marafun. Local event, local people and so just want to use it as a chance to get a long run in before GUCR.

    Nice cakes, bouncy castle, horrible route but will run to and from to get 30 miles in then a party in the evening!