Sunday, 27 May 2012

This time last year

This time last year George and I had just passed Navigation Bridge, the halfway checkpoint of GUCR when you get hot food in the form of spaghetti hoops and bread, a cup of tea. I seem to remember that at this point I wanted to get some leggings on but there were no changing facilities (read as back of van) so had to do it in a patch of stinging nettles, hopping, skipping and swearing as my 70 mile legs tried to squeeze into them.

The Present
Back to the present, this has been a whirlwind weekend, a late call from the Delightful Mrs S telling me was at a leaving do and it just so happened that I was 10 minutes down the line on the train so promised to join her but first I was to buy a humugous pile of socks in preparation for next week just before the shop closed and then went onto drink just a few too many mojitos with the delightfully squiffy Mrs S.

Today saw me replenish and renew my first aid kit, this time with a stretch bandage and some wider tape. Then the all important traditional pre-ultra haircut, slightly shorter than usual.

This seems to be yet another busy day but more importantly it appears that it is my last official training run before the GUCR and I have been invited to go along with George. I foresee a 13 miler....somewhere, hopefully flat, in the shade  and with water on tap as it is still very war.

Then wash kit and get it really piled up ready for packing next week.

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