Monday, 28 May 2012

Travel in style

I can only wish it
was this stylish
Of all the preparation I am doing for the GUCR one thing I did forget was getting there!!! I was panicking on Saturday when I had this terrible feeling that I was going to be having to fork out a small fortune to travel to Birmingham on Friday as I had only had a week to go when the prices go sky high. I jumped on a well known train booking web site and put in the details of the journey with a rough arrival time of 4.00pm and sat aghast at the screen when I saw a train was going for the princely sum of £9 and then got the offer of upgrading to First Class for an extra £7.....booked and confirmed I now have a train journey for £16, normal cost £52 or £80 first class. Now that is what I call a bargain :-)

The return journey will not be as comfortable I imagine but even so, I'll take the comfort when I can.

Ready to take photographs of the obligatory pre-race kit packing so watch this space.

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  1. That is a bargain for sure! I booked accommodation for some of my races later this year yesterday. No bargains and I'll be driving there :(