Thursday, 7 June 2012

Definition: Pensive

As the dust settles after that glorious weekend on the Grand Union Canal Race life returns to normal, or as normal as it can do. I am finding it difficult to settle down in work but I have a feeling that is because of the extended weekend and celebrations but my sleep patterns have only just returned

Injuries? My feet are not as swollen but still a little puffy in parts, blisters hardening nicely and my calfs are grumbling a little but I was seen running across a road yesterday....ooohhh that was uncomfortable.

It is quite nice to see other runners are putting up pictures of their GUCR on various social network sites and I was pleased to see the one below of me. Not for any reason than it has captured my mood quite well; I am standing on the start line, so it must be about 5.55am only minutes before the start. What was at first a jolly affair with photo opportunity has now turned to realisation that the BIG day has arrived and the journey is about to begin....seen clutching my bottle orange juice close to my chest and looking at some close by distraction I am best described as pensive.


  1. I can relate with what you are feeling as the race day moves into the past. I had that feeling last year after my DNF at Comrades with a fractured toe. That photo says so much! And as an Afrikaans speaking South African I had to look up pensive...:)

  2. Jerry, I was concerned that you had pulled out on this after being so bullish in the last couple of weeks. Go for it next year if you want to exorcise your demons....or the Viking.... With me and immune. It's longer, harder and you'll look back and wonder why you ever wanted to run along a grotty canal. Again. I have the utmost admiration for you fella. So go further!

    1. Thanks Rob, I don't think I need any demons exorcised for this race, it is just a brilliant event that just taking part in is a joy, if a tough one. I have had a smile on my face all week looking back at the events of those 3 days with such wonderful people and memories only a long distance runner will believe :-)

  3. Take it easy now and don't worry. You are a runner!