Sunday, 3 June 2012

In the meantime

I want to settle down after my GUCR run today before I write my report, "Let the creative juices flow" as they say but so far let me me give you some words and phrases which will appear:

  1. Pipistrel
  2. Attempted Robbery 
  3. Stag
  4. Blister
  5. Ubiqitous
  6. Food
  7. Pirates
These are just a few phrases that will appear but in the meantime we often discuss "Your winning face" I sadly will never know what my winning face will look like so I thought I would show you my "100km Face"...not the most flattering picture :-o

I was wearing the Buff at this point as it had just started to drizzle, the prelude for the rains to come and I needed to keep my body temperature up as it was getting windy


  1. Really looking forward to reading the full post, sounds like you had an interesting run ;)

    From what I've seen so far though seems like it was a sensible decision to pull out after the horrendous weather over night - hope you're feeling ok now you're home.

    1. Naomi, I am fine thanks. I dumped my kit, had a HOT,hot bath, caught up on the family escapades and then went for a lovely snooze under a pile of duvets for a few hours

  2. Looking forward to read your feedback. Seems like it was not easy at all.

  3. Jerry,

    You are pushing back the boundaries and I am looking forward to reading your write up, much better than ready all the rubbish you get in the newspapers. well done Jerry