Friday, 15 June 2012

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Recovery continues and for once I am trying not to rush back into any serious running until I am sure all my aches and pains have gone since GUCR, hence the general chit chat on my blog.

Tuesday's Run
 On Tuesday I chose to go for a run with my club, word on emails and the club forum suggested we were to run off-road so having driven to the club I donned my trail shoes, caught up with gossip and chose a "comfortable" paced group, the run leader promising a little bit of woodland path. We started off gently and I was then informed the route was all road.....ggggrrrrr

After the first hill was climbed I saw an opening in the woods to my left " 'Ere Em, I have trail shoes!" I exclaimed to the pack lead to which she replied "You run the trail Jez, we'll run the road, see you at the end". I was like a rat up a drainpipe and double backed , jumped the ditch and ran parallel to the 20 strong pack who, as usual, ignored my eccentric behaviour. Now I say parallel, if anyone knows woodland paths they tend to follow terrain, trees and buildings not a wonderfully smooth pavement, something I had forgot.

As the Brits amongst my readership will know, we had 48 hours of torrential rain over the weekend and therefore the paths were deep in mud, not ordinary mud, but mud pooled with water. I was enjoying myself, I leapt puddles, plopped through muddy paths, ducked down paths as close to the group as possible even clambered over a tree trunk lying on the ground, jumped a ditch then found the final path to the road.

Reaching the road, I looked down and saw I had beaten the others by about 200 metres, in doing so had run 400 metres more than the back . Crossing the road, my legs covered in wet mud, I rejoined the pack smiling and out of breath, in fact panting. I had run cross country faster than they had in an almost frantic manner totally unbeknownst to them.

I continued with the group but after a while realised that I was probably not ready to running around at such pace so pulled away and jogged the last 2 miles very gently.

My return to home found me with a further 2 blackened toenails and my quad grumbling. What was that all about?

A 5km run to the track, a few laps and then to see me lean on the rail to watch the speed training. My running at a very reduced pace.....the watching part I thoroughly enjoyed, the realisation that Recovery running is probably  better option at the moment


  1. I see that you are very fast. Perhaps now you need a couple of more relaxing runs before doing the speedwork again.

  2. Sounds like you had all the fun on that run. Take it easy and enjoy your recovery.