Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Out injured

I know certain quarters of my running world will laugh when they see this as I always seem to bounce back from injury like Tigger from the Winnie Pooh stories, I have been called Lazarus by some people, an irony not lost on me.

I was out on a glorious pack run last night with about 60 people from my other club, the Orpington Road Runners, who hold an annual run out to Chevening House, if you look at the pictures from that site you will see why we do it. To run with that number of people, most bedecked in fluorescent yellow running shirts is a sight to be seen in the middle of the countryside. I decided to run the longer version billed at 12.5 miles but after a navigational blunder a group of  8 of us ended up doing just under 16 miles, I was not phased by it but I know there were a few a little perturbed by the end.

However, during this little detour we had to navigate a few stiles and on one particular one I pulled myself up to get over and in doing so got a horrible shooting pain in the trapezius muscle in my right should causing me to groan. Ended up running the last 2 miles with my shoulder scrunched up and my thumb hooked into my running shirt to prevent it jarring, not easy when trying to navigate gates in the dark.

On the ice/ipubrofen/paracetamol round at the moment and feeling down in the mouth, let's hope I can bounce back soon.


  1. I certainly hope you bounce back soon. Take care!