Thursday, 28 June 2012

SDW 100 Logistics

What a great distraction...logistics!

My job is to get to Washington, Horsham District before 9.00pm on Saturday...easy I hear you say Dear Reader but the problem is to keep the cost down and time to a premium. I was astounded to discover that to just park my car in Brighton over night would cost £25...extortionate. So plan is:
  1. Train to Worthing
  2. Run/walk/jog 10km to Washington village
  3. Have some food and drink
  4. Go for a ~30 mile run stopping along the way
  5. Get to end, help tidy up
  6. Run/walk/jog 500 metres to station
  7. Catch train
  8. Sleep on train
  9. Get home, sleep for a bit
  10. Cut grass on my front lawn
My general view is that the most important people are the runners in the race and to get them to the end of their journey safely....I just need food and water but what was even better was an Ordnance Survey map....the return journey's station is actually  on the South Downs Way.....just get to know the symbols.

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  1. Logistics can be dreadful but careful planning usually leaves you with a smile. Enjoy!