Friday, 29 June 2012

A trip to the dark side

I have my run on the South Downs Way on Saturday and it is extremely hot in Kent at the moment with recordings of 28 C with high humidity...uncomfortable is the best way to describe it and one thing was for sure I didn't fancy a 20km run this evening.

Thursdays is normally track night but I had decided to travel there by way of my old bike and for 15 minutes Bromley was subjected to my horrific cycling skills when I "Cycle like a Runner". I was up on pavements and down one way streets the wrong way and then through a football match at the park! Well there was no defenders and for some reason they were at the other end of the pitch!

The training
As usual a rag tag bunch of runners were warming up on the track but as I had had my cycle ride decided to get straight to it and get same pacing in. Then for some reason, on a whim, stopped, pulled off my shoes and went on to do 800 metres barefoot (with socks)

Visions of VFF purchases, concentration on the balls of my feet and incredulous comments from my running pals....then I snapped out of it and came feet hurt, time to get my shoes back on and come back from the dark side :-)

Very slow, methodical run tonight and all ready for a nice gentle run along the Downs on Saturday

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  1. I can imagine your kamikaze cycling style and it frightens me!