Monday, 23 July 2012

Attack of the Killer Badger

After my busy day at Olympic Gamesmaker training I was absolutely knackered such that my promised  attendance at the HEROS trail running group this morning never happened as I rolled over, hit the alarm and snoozed away to a late start.

I was desperate for a run today but the raised temperatures outside deemed it foolish to an unclimatised body [read as I hate the heat] so decided to take an extended run this evening, hopefully off road. The Delicate Mrs S announced at 6.00pm that she was going to a party...something I did not relish but decided that this was a perfect opportunity for a "Dump and Run"

What is a "Dump and Run" ?

This is when the runner is literally dumped in the middle of nowhere and they are required to run home in any direction or route of their choice. Driving the family to their party I was soon seen legging it out of the car park, across the road and then on to woodland trails, a vague route floating in the mid-regions of my brain having shouted to Mrs S "See you at about 11.00pm" The beauty of the Dump and Run is you are forced to run a minimum distance and extend it if you need to.

I was lucky to be on the edge of surburbia allowing me to find a trail immediately and then get to favourite paths within 10 minutes and once there I saw no one for 2 hours....bliss.

Humans were not my problem tonight but horses and badgers were!

Attack of the Killer Badger

I was in the zone, I was somewhere other than the run but not currently with the darkened path in my headtorch beam I was suddenly aware of a rustle to my right, then a crash, a smash and a rustle. Looking over I could see the outline of a badger at full pelt and amazingly out stripping me.....until it hit the fence line and chose to carry on towards me unheeded....we were about to collide .....badger rearing down, me beginning to get just a little perturbed  ready to skid to a halt until the snarling badger ducked left and ran such that he hurtled behind me missing me by inches...Close Encounter of the Badger Kind

Next, was four horses, obviously spooked by my headtorch who chose to gallop towards me which freaked me out such that I switched my torch off and turned to change direction waving my arms, they broke off their "attack" about 30 metres and scattered. I ran for it scaling a stile and the protection of an electric fence....then a stile...and a road..I had had enough of animal attacks :-)

Good run tonight, tough, hot but eventful.....and a good 20 miles of hilly trails.

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  1. Sounds like a great 20 mile run. Eventful for sure!