Sunday, 8 July 2012

Back in the Saddle

Picture from Holly Hill Roger Smith
Today saw the latest come back of George who has been off the ultra distance training of late concentrating on the odd marathon to keep him ticking over so what better to do that nip out for a 20 mile trail run on the North Downs Way.

There was an ulterior motive for this run and that was to do a quick recce of the section from Otford to Holly Hill, Vigo as this is a notorious section with hidden or broken fingerpoints so it was best checked on a long slow training run. I am amazed to record that the 20 mile run had just over 4000 feet of ascent so it was a tough one. This made worse by the warm, humid conditions with low cloud and a rain storm of biblical proportions such that at one point we stopped to see if Noah's Ark was floating across the Downs.

We had one of the finest, muddiest, wet and windy runs for a long time.

I was amused to hear George coming up with various sentences punctuated with as many superlatives as miles we did...I have a feeling he was trying to write my blog entry for me, I was even heard calling him grandiloquent as words like "Biblical proportions", "Epic" or "Extremely adverse"  you get the picture :-D

George was wearing a pair of shoes he uses for trails and in today's epic run with  extremely adverse conditions were just not up for the job. I slowed up quickly to avoid a set of brambles causing him to brake and all I heard was "WWWWOOOOAAHH" to look around to see him sprawled on the ground commenting that he thought he had broken his leg!!! He then sounded outraged as I smiled and went to run off. The deep irony was that 10 minutes earlier we had passed that point and I had commented that it was not a good idea to do this section without another person as we were miles from the nearest house.

Extremely pleased by the run today, whilst being very hilly brought my 8 day tally to 66 miles.

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