Friday, 6 July 2012

Diamond League

There I sat in this ENORMOUS empty office all by myself having only "spoken" to people by email for the past 3 hours when I was distracted by a personal email from United Kingdom Athletics (UKA) advertising the Aviva Diamond League athletics events. I had a quick look and thought that the tickets looked reasonably priced but got back to my work wondering if I should buy some.....then the text arrived

Hi Gents,
Aviva Diamond League tickets. I have been offered 3 tickets, I will ask for Friday 13th as this is 100m night with Asafa v Gay...

Wow, what an offer from my good ultrarunning buddy David and have leapt at the chance to do it again. We did this last year and had a fantastic, if somewhat drunken evening. I can't wait as Rob and David will be along for the laughs what makes it really cool is that the are VIP tickets so we will be fed and watered the whole way through.


  1. I will NEVER RUN THE GUCR!!!

    There will be no more boring run than along a canal. Give me some HILLS anyday. GIVE ME A CHALLENGE!!! I'll share the plan with you on the Aviva Diamond League, right after I spill drinks over Usain Bolt's training partners again. This is BIG!!!!

    1. I have just been made privy to some excellent....very hilly 100 mile events near to our doors. They look very interesting :-D