Thursday, 5 July 2012


I am aware that I am feeling physically tired these days and am not sure if it is a drop in fitness or the effects of last weekend. The runners from SDW100 must surely be feeling it but it just goes to show that it was indeed a tough course.

I am probably being a bit hard on myself as I did navigate over hills such as Ditchling, Clayton, Black Cap at very short notice, no proper taper as such and with a reasonably heavy back pack. Then I look back and have realised that I ran two long events within 4 weeks, the GUCR and SDW100 Lite which totalled 124 miles or 200 kms! It is my feet that are feeling the brunt of the tiredness but no doubt that was because I was wearing road shoes on a trail run so I am walking around the office barefooted today just to get some air to them.

This won't stop me training tonight when I hope to get in about 20km of road and track at a very gentle plod in to get some blood pumping in my leg muscles. May even pop out onto the trails of Kent on Sunday and get a 26 miler in but better check if the Delightful Mrs S will release me, especially after last weekend

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  1. I think you body has a right to complain Jez!! you have done incredible miles on them thar feet!! Take it easy! chill for a bit, :-)