Saturday, 7 July 2012

A new team is born

We should take it more seriously :-)
Dear Readers, cast your minds back to Saturday 17th September 2011 when I ran the Surrey Tops event, here I met the wonderful Janet Carter, Gemma Carter and Sam, Gemma's partner.

I had heard through the running grapevine via my friend David that Gemma was running the Tops and I contacted her to see if we could do it together. Gemma was supported by Janet and Sam, I chose to live off the check point offerings. As you aware I am a very shy, quiet and unassuming person........NOT, Gemma the same; it was hilarious because this event was non-stop chat and giggles with loads of running. Since then we have met up for a 25 mile run on the North Downs Way

I am honoured to be invited as Gemma's Pacer in the latter half of the North Downs Way 100 mile race on 11th August 2012. I have rearranged a few things and am now really looking forward to taking part in her epic run. I plan to push/pull Gemma through this as far as my little legs will carry me for she is on fire at the moment.

Briefing notes, initial thoughts and expectations have been sent to this space fun times ahead. I just have to lose a few kilos of weight and get in some pacey runs between now and then. It starts Sunday with some North Downs Way revision runs, we are not going to slow for maps on this one.

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