Tuesday, 17 July 2012

No Complaints

So after an epic 20 km run over the North Downs Way between Holly Hill and the River Medway on Saturday evening and a drudge run of 22 km on Sunday I woke on Monday morning with a tight IT Band, nothing to write home about but just annoying at this point in my training. The tightness comes apparent and hurts  after sitting for a while, not good when you have a sedate job like mine. I assume this is because I am putting pressure on an already sore muscle group...let's not grumble and see how it plays out today.

I was chatting to my neighbour the other day and she mentioned that IT bands can tighten up due to lack of proper hydration during runs and made me think about a few things. On Saturday evening I saw Rich and Matt drink regularly ( I was carrying Matt's drink in my pouch) but didn't carry a bottle for myself, it hadn't occurred to me as I can quite happily run 10km without a drink and as we were going to stop at a pub I could have a drink there ready for the return journey. Similarly on Sunday's run I was happy to run with a 500ml bottle of water and sipped everso often.

I don't think it is a problem, I suppose I have naturally trained without the need for fluid on a regularly as I replenish on a timely basis as and when I arrive at aid stations and guzzle.

So with this in mind and what my neighbour mentioned I am trying to decide if my meagre fluid intake is a cause of muscle soreness or is it to be expected by the amount of miles I am doing at the moment. Anybody have any thoughts on the matter?


  1. Dehydration can cause all sorts of problems for the body ... but I believe there's NO WAY one can get so severely dehydrated running for a couple of hours or less without the temperature being abnormally high.

    When running for less than 90 minutes I never carry a drink. When I plan to be out for more than that I drink about 100ml every 20 mins (summer and winter) and that's fine for me.

    I must say, though, I've seem people running a 5k race with a water bottle and I think that's just ridiculous.

    1. Thanks Chris that makes me feel happier, I often have a bottle in my backpack when I run to and from the track taking a sip or two along the wat but the recent weather has negated the need. I too am aghast when I see people with handheld drinks on short runs but I often think they do it as a comfort over necessity and clever sport's drink advertising.