Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Not the best of ideas

What is this strange bright thing in the sky? Whatever it is, it is very hot and something my poor old body is not used to after weeks of rain.

My plan tonight was take it easy, really easy, do 20km nice and easy for it was near on 30 centigrade in London, even after 400 metres from home I was realising the hunidity when I was immediately wet with sweat but chose to plod on through the rapidly drying woodland paths with patches of defiant mud in patches.

I joined a slower group tonight and was in a playful mood with the pack...I love being the front as people tend to follow you without question and so Bhundu and I experimented a few times to see what the pack would do if we took slightly bizarre routes through gaps in trees or via parallel paths and were invariably followed apart from a few experienced pack runners who knew we were up to pleased us anyway :-D 

Getting back to the club house I realised that not taking a drink with me was probably a mistake concidering the heat and so went on a shameless raid on people leaving who had a squeeze of water left in their bottles and managed to get about 100 mls enough to get home.


When I got home I had a real craving for a long, cold sour drink....I glugged lemon and lime juice from the bottle...this wasn't about thirst, I just craved the cold, sour cooling effect of the drink...boy did it hit the mark

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