Saturday, 21 July 2012

One with a run

I reported back in October a word of the day :

anoesis \an-oh-EE-sis\, noun:
A state of mind consisting of pure sensation or emotion without cognitive content.

Thursday's run was just that and I wish it had been longer but time got in the way as usual and I felt generally tired again.

I arrived at the track after managing to get a lift from my neighbour Rob who by coincidence was just leaving by car so was happy to jump in having run only 400 metres and chose to 8,000 metres, or 20 laps. I was not my jovial self that night and so chose to dig in and just pace out 2 minute laps, no Garmin to guide me, just my senses which needs real concentration.

I plodded out, I could feel the track, felt the gentle exertion in my legs and remembered it, felt my heart rate then checked my breathing and stepped into the run. I remember counting to the fifth lap ..........then it went blank.....someone asked me if I wanted to join in a lap.....lap 12 counted......lap 19 and then a gentle run into 20 to finish....

BUT somewhere along the line I had turned around and gone clockwise!  Now that is what I mean by One with a run....lost in a haze but consistently running finishing in a perfect 40:03 minutes!!!!

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