Thursday, 19 July 2012

Rest Day

Wednesday, by default, tends to be a rest day in my running world but this week I feel as though I really need it as I have been a tad stressed at work and the back-to-back run at the weekend and a gentle run of 12 miles on Tuesday has left me more tired of late. Take Tuesday evening at the club, we went on a little excursion through the woods as a pack along a set route for a recce for a forthcoming local race and the pack leader said we were a mile short of a normal Tuesday so was going go around the block...I cared not a jot enjoying the 10 minute break sitting on a park bench chatting with another runner about her ankle injury savouring the quiet pre-dusk light and peace away from the city smoke. Then it was time for a run through the woods, in the dark for another 5 miles.

So this evening, I fell asleep on the train, got home cooked a meal, ate it and fell asleep on the sofa. Too many missed meals, quality over quantity runs and long hours at work have paid their toll of late.

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