Tuesday, 10 July 2012

*+ SPLOSH +*

Something wonderful happened again tonight....it rained and when I say it rained it was a deluge, weathermen have mentioned something about the slip stream, slipping and making lots of rain.

Looking out of the window I was not perturbed at all to see enormous black clouds and drops of water the size of marbles so armed with my OMM smock, a windproof and road shoes stomped off up the road to enter the woods, initially tip-toeing around the smaller puddles soon found myself skirting the edges at full whack, SPLASH, SPLOSH, SPLISH...muddy, wet, rained on I arrived at the club to find other people cowering under what shelter they could find, I cared not a jot, hood up was seen tap dancing on the grass!

My run was with a slower group today, I just wanted to plod out a few miles with no pressure, catch up on news.....and jump in puddles after all I was already wet and my shoes needed a clean.

It reminded me of a run about 2-3 years ago when George and I ran through a river ford whilst training in Eynsford, Kent, it was raining, we were already wet through, it mattered not a jot. Something nice about being a 4 year old once in a while...you should try it.


  1. One downside is how bad the shoes smell afterwards - Mrs Neil is never happy when I have shoes that are that wet.

  2. I love doing exactly that! We need to live out that part of us once in a while. Rain gives me energy.

  3. Jez, I don't mind running in the rain, in fact quite welcome it sometimes, I just hate starting off all wet and yucky. And you did kind of look like a four year old dancing on the grass! With all us Adults looking out watching, apart from the 'elders' then took shelter in the loos :-)