Sunday, 19 August 2012

Blood, Sweat But No Tears

A call on Facebook  for runners to join me early for a run on the North Downs bagged one, Michael, who was looking to do about 8 miles as he was recovering from illness I was happy with that as I looked to run additional miles afterwards.

Our biggest battle was the heat and we were promised 31 centigrade today so it was an early start of 6.30am which was a beautiful hour as the morning mist was still laying in the valleys and ditches. As per usual these days there was no route planned so we parked up in our separate cars in the centre of Halstead, Kent and just ran making the route up as we went. As we ran there would be a call like "Oooh I have meaning to run down this path" and we would.

I was wearing the Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab 5 Set which I had filled with 1.5 litres of water with Zero High 5 two products I am testing at the moment and was really glad I had for it was very humid today and we were soon dripping but it took me some getting used to using the tube as I am a bottle man normally. Conversation flowed for a fun filled 9 miles with Michael and on our return to the car cooled down and got into our cars, I had all the intention of going home but as I drove up the road I realised that if I was quick enough I could get to HEROS and get another run in

Next Run
As I whizzed up the road I approached the car park and I could see a group of runners chatting so I called out for them to wait and I jumped out, got my socks and shoes again and donned my race vest still doing it up as I caught up with them for another 8 miles of good natured bantered and jokes. However the heat was really up now into the mid-20's and I was now suffering  having been out in the sun for about 4 hours much to the amusement of some of the group who had been at the sharp end of my encouragement at the Mob match last week "What was that Jerry? It's a running race, not a walking race" I cared not a jot, I deserved the mickey taking :-)

Good 17 miles today, my legs and shoulders ripped to shreds by the bracken and nettles

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