Monday, 6 August 2012

Christmas has come early

I am in a state of shock, my mouth is agape and I am stunned in to silence... a rare moment says the Delicate Mrs S.

Why? How? I hear you shout Dear Readers. I was contacted via our running club web forum asking for volunteers test various running kit from sports gels, drinks, shoes, clothing, GPS watches and torches. I put my name forward to have a look at some shoes and maybe a head torch. It was on my return from Olympic duties that I saw an email from Ray begging for people who volunteered to please come and collect the kit as his mother couldn't move in her house there was so much of it.

I called up and on arriving my jaw dropped, it was like an Aladdin's Cave with boxes, bags, bottles and kit everywhere and already 10 people had arrived for kit and there was still more, I was taken to my own enormous pile of kit:
  1. Inov-8 x233 shoes
  2. New Balance 880v2 shoes
  3. Adidas Response Cushion 21 shoes
  4. Sport gloves
  5. Polar RCX5 GPS watch
  6. Silva Trail Runner headtorch
  7. Adidas running tights
  8. Piles of nutritional drinks and gels
Now I have the great joy of testing this stuff which is going to be great fun as I have a few good training runs both short and long to get to grips with it all and write the reports. What amazes me even more is only the GPS watch and torch have to go back!

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  1. Wow, that is an early Christmas for sure! Enjoy!