Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Copy Cat

Even as a young school boy I was known for my running, in the last few years of school I was often seen running around the perimeter of the school fields. If anyone wanted to find me during a sports lesson all they had to do was look out across the football and hockey pitches to find me. The kids at school often ribbed me about my running style.

Now grown up I am aware that my short-stride gait is mentioned now and again, it has been called "Minimalist", "energy efficient" or just "plain strange". I remember a runner came up to me after a race and remarked that I seem to glide, small arm movements but then he realised I was running quite fast.

What ever this all works for ME

In recent times I have made a point of running with newer groups of runners at the club and it was mentioned a number of times and I still find it funny that people do mention it.

Last nights run

After running to the club and helping Mike with chaperoning a new group of runners on their first road and trail run I joined a group who were to do about 7 miles at medium pace and by this time had 6 miles in my legs. Nice route but then I found myself going into the zone, my pace was up and I dug in leaving the group behind me in the last 1.5 miles. As I ran I was aware of someone behind me keeping to my pace, I wasn't racing, I was pacing just to have the opportunity to get some consistency in my stride. Soon I was by myself and finished happy shortly followed by my "stalker" and we chatted about the last mile or so and how her pace had improved, then she said it.....

"...I am amazed by the way you run, your short strides but you go so fast, I don't know how you do it so I tried to copy you..."

This was followed by me shouting "NNnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  way" but whilst flattered I was aghast that people would want to do this, this is the running style that suits me, you have your own :-)


  1. We all have our ways and styles Jerry, mine is usually on my hands and knees during the middle section, floundering about at the back of the group! Till the last tiny section when my 'body double' jumps in and does the sprint for me :-)

  2. I see that you are in good shape, I think you have to find now a race. Don't waste this "moment of glory".