Sunday, 5 August 2012

Second star to the right, and straight on till morning

Up like the lark this morning I hauled my sorry arse about 2 miles to my meeting point with George and once there we made a general route in our head with the agreement I was back no later that 10.45am to get ready for my Olympic duties.

A tried and tested route to start with which was made difficult by new fencing and the recent rains causing undergrowth to have grown out of control causing scratches to my neck, arms and legs, topped by a few stinging nettles to add to the fun. George alive with tales of a new challenge for 2013 and his start of a campaign to get me to join him on some run with more than 100  miles on the clock...hmmm we'll see.

Not content with roads we went off on trail at a whim even taken untested paths and luckily finding ourselves on well trodden paths we had tried in the past when disaster struck as we tumbled through a field of rye, an innocuous twist of an ankle which began to niggle as we went into the last 5 miles.

Good 19 mile run today but as I had to get to London for my Olympic duties took painkillers for my ankle with a view of keeping busy and deal with any swelling when I got home this evening. 

Iced up and rested now it is not too serious but I will keep an eye on it for the time being as it is more a tendon issue that needs rest. 

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