Sunday, 12 August 2012

Electric Legs

Hot footing it to High Elms this morning with Duncan I was pleased to see that Peter was waiting however he was by himself so it looked as though it was going to be just us three. As is Peter's MO we started at 9.00am on the dot and he mentioned something along the lines of  "We'll start off flat and leave the hills to the middle" and saying this we then ascended a hill!

We were completely in the hands of Peter who mentioned 10-11 miles which we were both happy with but were probably not expecting the pace and I was soon heard panting and gasping in the early heat secretly wishing I had started at 7.00am. The recent rains and now the warm weather has caused the nettles and brambles to spring up and take over some of the lesser used paths and we were heard to whimper and squeal as our legs, arms and shoulders were being scratched and stung.

What is nice about the HEROS runs are the chance to learn some new paths and short cuts, I was really pleased also to learn of two new water taps that I have often run past and never knew they were there.

And so, after some very hot, sticky and hilly miles we returned to our cars pleased that we had been taken out of our comfort zones for a change.

When I got back in the car we mentioned the nettles and I mentioned that my legs were throbbing with so many stings and Duncan described it perfectly "It is like a mild electric shock running all over the legs"

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