Saturday, 18 August 2012

Stort 30 entered

I have meaning to enter the Stort 30 for a little while now but have decided I need a shorter ultra to aim for as it allows a little bit of speed to be put in the mix. The Stort 30 is the 14 mile canalised section of the River Stort and it appears there is a short run to the navigation channel, we run the length of it, turn around and come back.

Nice concept to run a little known (for me anyway), historical part of England and be able to catch up with Lindley Chambers (I met and ran with him on the GUCR) and the organiser of the event, the infamous Naomi Newton-Fisher who has recently run her first few ultras and I look forward to the chance to run some of the route with her if possible, even Claire Shelley will be there at the checkpoints.

This promises to be a great event, flat, fast and hopefully near a pub for a catch up at the end :-)

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