Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Mob is Back in Town

The plan today:
  1. Get up at 5:45 am
  2. Travel 100 miles by train from London to Southampton
  3. Arrive at Southampton to fix stuff and assist with more stuff
  4. Leave on train
  5. Whilst on train have conference call
  6. Get Home
  7. Go to club and run a Mob Match
All went well until #5 when I discovered that I was now seated by a Hen Party and I had to abandon the call as they were too rowdy and had to get home to the idea of completing the call so that stuff could happen tomorrow. I looked at the clock and realised I had only 25 minutes before the race started so rushed to get my kit on and out of the door.

Boy was it humid!

What is a Mob Match?
This is when 2 or more groups of runners of opposing sides meet and run a set route competitively. First runner gets scored 1, second 2....fifteenth 15 etc. If Team A has 15 runners and Team B has 20, it is only the top 15 runners from each team that score. The lowest accumulative score is the winner, beer glasses are raised a small trophy exchanged and bragging rights remain for 1 year

The opponents were my club and my secondary affiliated club but rules stipulate that I have to run for my first affiliation.

The race to the start
Shoes on, back pack attached, club vest dusted off and Union Flag shorts flying high I scooted down the road, the stress and strain of the day flowing behind me trying hard to catch up but failing as I bounced and flounced through the woods to the start seeing marshalls already in situ calling for me to hurry up. As I stepped from the woods I saw a mass of yellow and black & white runners milling around and then a shout and the ran off, I was about 400 metres away and had missed the start. As I had not submitted my intention I chose to pull out as there is nothing worse than playing catch up. So I offered my services as a marshall and got sent to the "top of the hill" (Not really a hill but the highest point on the course) to cheer on the runners and point them in the right direction.

The race to the end
There go the show ponies, the wannabes and there go the improvers, then the starters every number counts all running with the same effort and resolve... the prize a cup of tea and a cake at the end, for the hard core a beer.

Last runner through I return to base and after a cuppa decide to miss the pub (in my rush couldn't find my wallet and couldn't stand my round) and go home, headtorch on and run the route by myself missing the return leg so to get home to enjoy the woods at dusk....I enjoyed that bit.

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  1. The Mob match is a very interesting way to race and to socialize.
    In Italy we have many things to learn. I also like a lot the Parkrun 5 km (unknown here). Everytime I go to UK following the italian rugby team I always sign up for one of them (London, Cardiff or Edinburgh).