Friday, 10 August 2012

Tiredness creeps in

On Wednesday I was working at the Olympics and my responsibilty had switched to Basketball, wow what a difference a day makes jumping from the hushed discipline of Artisitic Gymnastics to the raucous crowd and action of Basketball.

I was released from my duties at about 00:55 hrs, any chance of getting the last train gone so had to get to a night bus, something I last did about 25 years ago but was pleasantly surprised that there were no drunks on board! I got home at about 1:55 hrs but found that the days events left me wired and so finally jumped into bed at 03:00 hrs. I arose at 09:00 hrs to the sound of the cats having a fight and Mrs S telling them off.

The day was a drudge, going to the bank to pay for the holiday, got some shopping, ate some lunch on the sofa....................

.......and then I woke up, 3 hours had passed and I had fallen fast asleep! It appears that during that time our family cat had got stuck up a tree and my daughter had attempted to wake me, she had prodded me, shook me and clapped her hands, giving up to rescue the cat. She commented that I was almost comatosed but snoring like a trooper rolled up on the sofa. Having woken up I trudged around the house, listless and drained such that a training run was right out of the window.

It appears that working 18 days with only 2 days off, working last, doing two jobs has paid its toll on me...I am looking forward to my holiday.

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