Sunday, 30 September 2012

Barefoot fiasco

After a little interweb research and asking various people about what would be a good shoe for starting barefoot running (frankly one of the worst possible running questions one can ask on the internet after "Should I wear trail or road shoes to [insert name of race here]?") I was looking forward to actually getting my hands (and feet) on a pair to see what all the fuss was about.

So after leaving Hyde Park I decided to go by tube to St James Park having now wished I had walked it and arrived at Run and Become, a small but wonderfully stocked shop with very knowledgeable problems with that, the problem I had was my feet.

The shoes I had been looking at on the internet were there, tantalisingly close on the display and I asked to try them on. Taking a seat I took off my shoes and saw other customers trying on various shoes, some taking a practice run in the road outside, then they arrived some New Balance Minimus Trail, pulling the laces apart I slipped my foot in and felt like one of the Ugly Sisters trying on the Glass Slipper, only my toes would fit!!! AAARRRRGGHH the information stated 

"...30% lighter than standard training shoe midsoles and the forefoot is wider to allow the foot to spread..." 

and my foot wouldn't even fit. I was disappointed but the assistant had new ideas and came out with a pair of Trail these looked OK but I did want a trail shoe but it was worth a try and slipped them on, now these were the ticket and I was guided outside to have a quick run...boing, boing and then I returned, my pesky wide feet had defeated me once again as the midsole arch area was digging in.

The I suppose it is Monkey Feet then?

Now the big guns were coming out and I was offered a pair of Five Finger Spy at £45 more than I was willing to pay these had better have been good...right foot on...these were feeling good and then the fiasco of the left foot began. I liken it to putting on a condom on inside out, it wasn't going to happen, my little toe refused to come out to play staying stubbornly under it sister toe and when it did the Big toe just refused also. I gace up the fight early and retreated from the shop disappointed but happy that I did not part with £115 just too expensive for my tight wallet.

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