Thursday, 13 September 2012

Can I really be thinking this?

Whilst lacing up my trusty Adidas Kanadia TR4's  before my run on Sunday I commented to Duncan that for the past 2 weeks I had been wearing a cheap low profile sailing shoes I had purchased in Spain every day. His first comment was "That's great" and then I realised that it was because they had no heels and what he likes being a bare foot runner.

Secretly I quite enjoyed the idea of walking around with them and actually felt that I was more comfortable on the forefoot. Duncan mentioned on our run that I had been the topic of conversation between him and another runner at the club that Tuesday in which they expressed a view that I was a "natural" for barefoot running due to my running style where I have a shortened stride with a propensity of running mainly on the foorefoot with a midfoot strike.....OMFG and there I have been calling Duncan "Monkey Feet" for years or a "Running Hippy"   and it transpires I could be a closet barefoot runner.

It is amazing that this short conversation has sown a seed in my little brain such that I saw myself visiting the Vibram Five Finger website yesterday and tonight to look at shoes and even looking at the Know Your Feet page!!!!

It is tempting but there is a singular maverick cell in my brain that says that as soon as it is mainstream I have no interest but I have spoken to so many people who have bought the kit and given up on them that I still want to try the idea out but cannot justify the cost of a shoe that may just me an expensive fad.

Is there a cheaper option?


  1. Yeah, the cheaper option is your sailing shoes. I ran about 200 miles in them before committing to the minimalist/ barefoot movement. I still have a pair. Although I love running this way I generally only advocate it if there is a long history of injury. I do, however believe that all runners should incorporate a certain percentage of "barefoot" miles into their training.

  2. Approach some suppliers and see if you can get a pair for free to review on the blog :)

  3. Or you could run and forefoot strike like me in a pair of asics that has done over 1000 miles and the heel tread is as perfect as the day I took them out of the box!

  4. There are other options like New Balance Minimus Trail which are not quite as monkey-tastic as Five Fingers but are pretty minimal and may be available more cheaply if you hunt around. I have a pair which I have started to use for slower runs with my better fraction, and I enjoy the feeling.

    1. Those are good looking shoes Robin and will certainly have a look around for a place to try them on...thank you for the referral.