Sunday, 9 September 2012

'Cos that's what we do!

Highest point in Kent!
A very late (and last) night as a Games Maker at the Paralympics on Saturday evening saw me go to bed at about 2.30am needless to say an early morning, even a later morning run was out of the question. However all was not lost when an exploratory call to Duncan ended in the decision to run at about 5.30pm causing me to have a little scout over the my Ordnance Survey 147 Explorer.

Duncan makes an
interesting point
Initially we were to start of at the same position of the upcoming Night Run to review parts of the route and showed that I had in fact made two small wrong turnings that whilst taking me to the same path crossing they were indeed safer. With that in mind we continued on it was my sole intention of identifying the REAL highest point on the North Downs (in Kent). This was a tall order as this point has been mentioned as the biggest nothing in Kent as there is nothing to celebrate it, no trig point or point of interest. It was decided however that Duncan would create a point of interest

What we do?
and which county are 
are actually in Jezza?

I mentioned to Duncan that just about a mile away there was a point on the map where Bromley Council, Surrey County and Kent County Council met and got my map out and we figured out a rough route but had agreed that we were going to do it the Duncan and Jerry way, Duncan shouting the quote of the day:

"'Cos that's what we do!"

So there we were, at the highest point in Kent and we were on the hunt for a point on a map, going cross country with a map and no compass. After a 10 minute hunt around we found we were boxed in by man made gates, fences and a house so after circumnavigating a field resigned ourselves to the road and found our new path that eventually took us to a point on the map that was the trisection of the county borders to find a stone pillar which I believe now was an old Parish County border stone but was a good datum point of interest.

Off we trotted to traipse down an unused footpath so it was kept open and trudged back to the car wanting more exploration but pleased we had done what we had

"'Cos that's what we do!"


  1. That's the way to do it, awesome!

  2. I love these runs and especially keen to see the highest point as pointed out by Bhundu... wouldn't be the same without him!