Sunday, 2 September 2012

Cramping my style

On my return to Chez Nous after my holiday and then zooming off to work as a Games Maker at the Paralympics with a 20 minutes turn around time I slept like a kitten that night.

In the middle of the night I awoke in absolute agony finding that my left calf had gone into a horrific spasm/cramp. The cramped section was like concrete and it took gritted teeth to stretch the muscle to unlock it then a few more minutes of locking in an opposing position in case it chose to cramp again.

All day Saturday I walked around with a slight limp as the whole muscle was still deformed and not back to its original shape with the consistency of an old boot such that I put a heat pad on it hoping the warmth would get some blood flowing through it and losen it...sadly not!

Even as I stood in High Elms, Orpington this morning I would look down and compare my calfs to see that it indeed was still mishapen but nothing was going to stop me doing a ~10 mile (16km) run across the hills and Downs so with care we padded off being very aware of it in case it locked up again....after 2 miles I forgot about it and enjoyed the run to return with a beautifully restored muscle which obviously needed some excercise to loosen it style was not cramped this time.


  1. Jerry - I have just noticed your total mileage is getting close to 10,000 - well done. I still have a target to run 24,901 miles (circumference of earth at the equator) before I kick my clogs - you might manage that as well.

    1. Jeez 10,000 miles I was vaguely aware of it Neil. I wish I had got to it quicker but life has got in the way recently but I agree, it would be nice to circumnavigate the Earth before we hang up our shoes.