Thursday, 6 September 2012

Jerry the Pacemaker

I had a rather unexpected but pleasant surprise today in the form of a private message via Facebook from a lady at my  club asking if I would like to be a 55 minute Pacer at the 10km race she had organised on 29th September 2012 in Hyde Park, London.

I am very honoured to be asked, apparently I was friendly and helpful to a new runner she knows and she has read some of my exploits on the field of play! I have therefore accepted this honour and will be attending the Bandstand in Hyde Park on said day ready for action, I have already been asked my t-shirt size so no doubt will be bedecked in Orange Appeal who will be supporting The National Osteoporosis Society.

On a more personal note I am rather perturbed by the idea of attending a 10km race which I have not done for over 4 years which tend to attract these super fit fast people but on the other hand I just LOVE the idea of being a 55 minute pacer as this is the group of people who are all interested in beating the magic 1 HOUR barrier, these are the people I want to support and have tagged onto me...this is going to be fun even if it is a week after the White Cliffs 52 miler!


  1. That is awesome! People know how slow I am so I've only been asked to pace people in 100km and higher races. :) A 10km should be fun a week after a 52 miler!

  2. Do they know your 10K PB is 56mins!!!! Have fun, pacing is a really enjoyable and rewarding thing to do.