Saturday, 8 September 2012

Night Run Recce- Completed

Tonight was heralded as a Night Run Recce and I was accompanied by Rob who I fear was looking forward to a good chat, run and cider followed by a run with good I was.

The two of us started our run at Jail Lane and I was quite pleased to see Rob wearing his new race vest, an UltrAspire Revolution and I my Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab 5 Set and it looked as though we had taken the Summer to review our kit. We spent the first mile like professional product reviewers and by the end were happy we had chosen the product we had (although I need to find a non-jangling coin pocket, Rob suggests a sock and I think he is right).

This run identified that my cardio-vascular fitness was found wanting as there are some interesting long climbs but it also showed that one cannot be too careful when it comes to badgers.

When Badgers attacks
It is not unknown for badgers to attack and tonight was one of those examples, whilst route finding I was aware of rustling from my right when we cruised through some heavily wooded area but I was not expecting the loud "GRUNT" and a whoosh as an animal ran between Rob and myself to hear him swear loudly as a badger ran over his foot. We stopped and scanned the undergrowth to our left but alas he was gone but we could hear it go as it crashed through the bracken Rob grumbling that they are indeed heavy and I how fast they actually are.

Without giving too much away about the route tonight we had a good run, I grumbling that I was "unfit" and then being reminded that we were running sub 8 min/miles...up hill made me feel a little better but mindful that my fitness had dropped this summer but we were both happy when we saw our night's goal that was our signalled turn around and the promise of a cool pint of cider in a delightful country pub.

Vigilates beware
Warmed by a pint of cider each we went on the return leg back to the car and again I was amazed by the nocturnal activity of the North Downs when we were presented with the headlamps of a 4 wheel drive vehicle ahead, an enormous dog running towards us and a human voice stating there was a smaller dog thereabouts.... the local militia, or in English terms a Neighbourhood Watch patrol wondering why we (as we did)   were where we were, philosophical reasonings aside we stopped and chatted for a while discovering Ace Ventura was a parent of one of Rob's pupils, I desperate to escape we were able to finish the recce safe in the belief that Badger attacks are not as bad as we expect, the cider is cool and there really are some strange people out on the trails at night (apart from us)

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