Saturday, 22 September 2012


So the end of the week has arrived and Saturday sees me run the White Cliff 52 miler LDWA Challenge across the southern part of Kent. 

I am amazed to see that this weekend, three years ago I ran the London to Brighton 57 mile trail run and it seems then that I had so much more preparation. Michael, George and I went over maps, plans, kit lists and spoke at length on long runs about expectations. This race? No such preparation has been made, if any.

At the beginning of the week a small pile of kit appeared in the living room, followed by a miserable run on Tuesday and then the realisation that my mileage was found wanting. The feeling was made worse that I find out from George that he was out on the razzle on Thursday with a dull head on Friday and I was having a late night tonight out to dinner with the family.

Now with a mad flurry around the house gathering my kit together I discover I have misplaced my compass caused by my recent back pack change so am a tad irritated....and totally unprepared.

All I can say it is going to be an interesting challenge tomorrow and hope the various races I have done this year will hold us in good stead.


  1. A good way to spend this Sunday. I hope you have run a great race.