Thursday, 13 September 2012

Runners like buses!

The dreaded Thursdayitis hovered over my head like a dark cloud, I felt intolerably tired after yet another frenetic day at work with deadlines looming. I stepped on the train and with passive aggression pushed gently past commuters and planted myself on a seat dropping off before the train doors closed to awaken with a start jumping off the train at the last moment.

I was determined to run tonight, even a short one and so after pulling myself from the sofa I got on the road for a gentle run making a conscious effort to pull off the pace. My head torch in my pocket  I was happy to do a little cross country if it presented itself  but chose to just run for running sake. My pace was gentle such that it reduced my stressful thoughts and I soon drifted off into a day dream staring at the early evening noctilucent clouds floating gently across the clear sky, traffic noise now quietened.

I was just coming to from my day dreaming when up ahead I saw the outline of three lady runners, my first thought was that I hadn't seen a runner all evening but like buses three come along together! Hooray, it was three ladies from my club and so asked where they were going and if they didn't mind could I join them which I did. We had a fun filled chatty 2 miles together but I realised that I needed to get home so with fond farewells I ducked into the woods for the most direct route home along the side of the railway line. For some reason the woods were as quiet as the grave tonight and as still as a mill pond, that is until three cyclists whizzed up a path ahead with more lights that a Christmas tree.

I returned home wanting more and after my drop in runs I am so glad I have as the last three, like buses have come together.

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  1. Nice one! Sometimes catching a running bus is just what is needed for some motivation.