Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!

Time for a night run my Kentish friends!

This is the nicest part of being on vacation, you have time to concentrate on the important things in life...your non-working part. I was reminded by my good ultrarunning buddy Rob a.k.a ultrabobban that a Night Run is needed. Rob has chosen to call this amoebic group N.R.G (Night Running Group and I assume to mimic Energy...get it? )

From experience the general concensus is keep the distance to just under 10 miles (16km) and have just devised a simple, but hopefully interesting, route that has a pub at each end of the turn around points. So calling for a volunteer on Facebook to be a fellow Scout (for safety) Rob was first to volunteer. I loved the idea that Rob had his own life priorities in the form of a cider festival which sadly (for him) was called off and happily (for me) meant I had company to take on the recce. Rob, however, requested a longer run so we are going to get in the main parts of the official NRG run with the chance to dip down onto the North Downs which always holds some great surprises at night as an extension.

So Friday will see Rob and I out on the Downs doing what we like best....running and talking shite...bring it on 

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