Saturday, 29 September 2012

Trip up to town

I have had a busy evening preparing for tomorrow's duties at Hyde Park, London and as usual I have been putting the various plans together. Firstly train times, then the route to the bandstand, run itself and then a little distraction....some shopping.

I have mentioned in an earlier post that I was seriously looking at going minimal and am taking Roadkill's advice and will be taking a little diversion of towards a well known running shoe emporium to have a look at some New Balance Minimus Trail. Now remember this is just to scout out some minimal shoes just to get a feeling of what they are like and if I really do want to go down that path. These particular shoes look pretty well down my street suggesting they are a transitional shoe and best on the trail and sufficiently light enough to carry in a backpack for short practice distances on longer runs.

Looking forward to the run in the park tomorrow as this will be my first run since last Saturday, the hamstrings have been a little sore and tight but I am really pleased to report that my feet have stood up well to the pounding they took whih also bodes well for my possible jump to the new shoes (if I get them).


  1. Now I know that you did well in Hide Park. I am curious to know how you feel with the minimal shoes.
    If I can come back to run maybe we can run together in London very soon. We are organizing the trip for the rugby match England-Italy.

    1. Stefano, if you are coming to London I would absolutely love to run with you